Cardano Life

Cardano Life


Cardano Life is an open edition CNFT by Brendan O’Connell

The series will be open until 4:20PM UTC on 10/1/2021

Minting and distribution will take place on 10/2/2021

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About the Artist

For the past twenty years Brendan O’Connell has been making art of the everyday. He spent over a decade doing paintings about Walmart and brands capturing everyday aesthetics. He co-created one of the largest single-day art events during which over 400,000 school children made thematic art on the same day. O’Connell has been profiled in the New Yorker, Sunday Morning CBS, and was a guest of Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report. Dubbed by the media as the “Warhol of Walmart,” he expressed the ways in which Walmart was emblematic of a common experience in the 90s and 00s. His interest in making art out of everyday consumable moments has naturally migrated to digital experiences such as Airbnb, Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube. He believes that Blockchain and NFTs will create the future of common aesthetics representing the shared experiences of our times to come.

Open Edition Details

This series was minted on 10/1/2021

Mint Policy ID: 51f8ff5e6d9c58c19558a12c6cc73eeff6a12cd9bcf239cb6c26e819

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