Mona Lisa

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Mona Lisa is a limited edition Cardano NFT series by Leonardo Da Vinci

About the Artist

Leonardo da Vinci is an Italian polymath who was active as a painter, engineer, architect, and more.

Learn more about this series in Leonardo’s NFT lesson from a transcendental homeless man.

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Mona Lisa is a limited edition CNFT series that lives on the Cardano blockchain. Below is the official ID for this CNFT from Leonardo Da Vinci.

Mint Policy ID: 2d1a4f676091f98ddd5ee1ada62718e5676fa28c7c5f764c1e53f37d

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To order one of these one of kind NFTs you will need to add this item to your cart and check out. We will then contact you to determine availability of any pieces you are interested in. This is the list of pricing for the 20 NFTs in this limited edition series.

MonaLisaI – 10946 Ada
MonaLisaII – 6765 Ada
MonaLisaIII – 4181 Ada
MonaLisaV – 2584 Ada
MonaLisaVIII – 1597 Ada
MonaLisaXIII – 987 Ada
MonaLisaXXI – 610 Ada
MonaLisaXXXIV – 377 Ada
MonaLisaLV – 233 Ada
MonaLisaLXXXIX – 144 Ada
MonaLisaCXLIV – 89 Ada
MonaLisaCCXXXIII – 55 Ada
MonaLisaCCCLXXVII – 34 Ada
MonaLisaDCX – 21 Ada
MonaLisaCMLXXXVII – 13 Ada
MonaLisaMDXCVII – 8 Ada
MonaLisaMMDLXXXIV – 5 Ada
MonaLisaMMMMCLXXXI – 3 Ada


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