Revelação II


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Revelação II is a limited edition Cardano NFT by Nicolle Afonso

About the Artist

Nicolle Afonso, unconquered artist in the south of the state of Bahia in Brazil.

The synthesis of my life is basically being scattered and at war with the my art. She puts me in danger and saves me daily. In every moment my body filters and impregnates it, in an intensity that I don’t know how to get it out of me. And somehow it comes out tearing everything, intuitive, when and how you want.

1 in stock

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A obra é uma leitura abstrata do último livro bíblico.
Retrata também uma relação tempestuosa com a religião e crenças.
Revelação tem em si um sentimento apocalíptico e a ruptura do ser divino construído por dogmas.

Revelação II is a CNFT that lives on the Cardano blockchain. Below is the official ID for this CNFT from Nicolle Afonso.

Mint Policy ID: 588d2923c0e4d0861e5a8a6a84b6a00ab090e24bebf0140313fcdb0d

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